About Us

California Blooms is a family owned and operated company based in California. We are the premier internet source for the freshest, boutique grown roses in the USA. Our California grown roses are individually hand-selected and cut at the peak of their growing cycle, hydrated overnight and shipped farm-direct to your doorstep. We are confident you will not find a fresher rose anywhere.

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About The Farm

We have partnered with one of the most highly decorated and world renowned growers of hydroponic roses. Their growing philosophy and techniques are focused on the art and hands-on experimentation of optimum growing and not producing mass quantities of generic roses. The family-owned farm has grown varietal roses for over seven generations, and has pioneered and perfected hydroponic growing methods. This has enabled them to consistently produce the finest and freshest roses available.

For information on our environmentally responsible growing practices, please see the following:

Eco-friendly growing practices